Justin Spaulding, DO

Justin Spaulding, DO

Dr Spaulding is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and an Osteopathic physician. He is the only glaucoma specialist at the Institute. Before his medical career he served as a firefighter with the US Forest Service. He joined the Institute in 2018 and his special training includes the methodology and techniques of minimally invasive techniques to treat glaucoma.

He has a special interest in minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) combined with cataract surgery, and refractive cataract surgery with premium lenses.

Dr. Spaulding is AMAZING! He took the time to answer all my questions. Very thorough and knowledgeable! The staff is professional, courteous, and friendly. From the time I walked through the door until I left. I was informed of the wait time; first in the new patient letter, then over the phone when my appointment was confirmed, and again upon arrival. Being informed makes all the difference so I was well aware of what to expect. Thank you Dr. Spaulding and staff for a wonderful experience!
Sharon, Medford

Dr Spaulding, an osteopathic physician, has presented research and given lectures at a number of national and international meetings.

Born in Cascade, Colorado, Dr Spaulding received his undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  He earned his medical degree from Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, Colorado, with an ophthalmology residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and fellowship at the Dean McGee Eye Institute in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Prior to his medical career, Dr Spaulding worked as a firefighter with the Pike Interagency Hotshot Crew.  He continues to spend his free time in the outdoors and is an avid mountain biker and skier. He enjoys spending time with his family.

He is a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, American Glaucoma Society, and American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Dr Spaulding is currently accepting new patients. Appointments with him can be made by calling Cataract and Laser Institute at (541) 779-2020.

University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada

Medical Degree
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, Colorado

- Ophthalmology Residency and Post-Residency Associateship
- Fellowship at the Dean McGee Eye Institute in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Professional Memberships
- American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
- American Glaucoma Society
- American Academy of Ophthalmology

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    This place is filled with staff who values everyone who walks into their office. They take their time to show every patient the same level of excellence care and service. As response to the negative comments, I for one don't want anyone rushing to get me out the door, without full proper correction of what ever brought me in to their office. The office management, Janice and Paula have always been friendly and make sure that they have had great staff to provide only the best.
    Rea Riggs
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    I’ve purchased two pairs of prescription Oakleys from the optical shop here, one sunglasses and the other progressives. They had an excellent selection of both high-end and budget frames and Gary and Jenny were very helpful in choosing and fitting the frames. Both sets of glasses turned out great—amazingly clear and comfortable! Highly recommended!
    Martin Stadtmueller
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    I could not be more pleased by the treatment I received from Dr. Rutar and her staff. She performed two cataract surgeries for me and each time she carefully explained all the options and risks along with the likely outcomes. I was completely confident in her approach, as well as in her staff, who are very pleasant and professional.
    Lee Baldwin
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    1 one of the most professional office i seen. Very clean. Appointment on time. Staff very nice.
    ECB Klamath
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    Had debris in my eyes. Didn't think I flushed it all out. They got me in within a couple hours of calling and checked my eyes out for me. Very Professional and friendly staff. Highly recommend them. Thank you Dr. Barrus :)
    Yancy Savage
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    Other than some billing issues I am more than pleased with my results. Dr. Rutar made the experience safe and easy. Thank you.
    H Bruce Smith
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    I was very impressed with Dr Rutar. She immediately ordered the proper blood tests to diagnose my rare disease. It was missed by other physicians for over 5 years. It's great to finally know!
    Leann Z.
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    Terry and Wendy (in the surgery center) were WONDERFUL, PROFESSIONAL, and explained everything to me. They are amazing at what they do. I highly recommend the office. It is a caring environment with friendly staff. My first surgery was done at another location and they did not give me discharge instructions. Here they not only gave me the instructions, but took the time to explain it all to me. Thank you again for a great experience!!!
    Henry Harold
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    I can't rave enough about the amazing Dr. Rutar. I deeply respect and admire her skill and knowledge. I had strabismus (eye muscle) surgery done by Dr. Rutar February 2018. I'm 32 and my left eye has been "lazy" my whole life, due to an underdeveloped muscle. More than a year later, my eyes are still aligned. The incisions healed beautifully and my depth perception is spot on. You'd never know what my eyes have been though and I'll be scheduling an appointment for contacts soon. If you're considering this surgery, as scary may seem, I urge you to push through that fear. It was well worth it. My life has changed for the better because of it. Telling Dr. Rutar, "thank you" - will never be enough.
    Bethany Lang
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    I had a great experience here. I was greeted promptly and treated courteously. Dr Spaulding and his staff were amazing. The length of my visit was to be expected for visiting a doctors office. I would not change a thing with the experience. Thank you!!!
    Jamie Hay