The Cataract & Laser Institute provides laser surgery services.

What conditions are treated with laser surgery? Lasers can treat many eye diseases with accuracy and reliability. This includes using laser procedure to treat the effects of glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration.

Laser Surgery

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What happens during laser procedure?
Before the surgery, your doctor will dilate or constrict your pupil and apply drops to numb your eye. As you sit facing the laser machine, the doctor will hold a special lens to your eye. During the procedure, you may see flashes of light. You can go home following the procedure. However, since your pupil will remain dilated for a few hours, depending on any previous experience with dilation, you may be fine to drive home, however, we recommend bringing sunglesses or we can provide some.

To discuss which type of laser procedure may be right for you, speak with your ophthalmologist who can provide you with detailed information on the many treatment options available. Our surgical team and staff are devoted to providing the best eye care possible to meet your individual needs.

"This place is filled with staff who values everyone who walks into their office. They take their time to show every patient the same level of excellence care and service. As response to the negative comments, I for one don't want anyone rushing to get me out the door, without full proper correction of what ever brought me in to their office. The office management, Janice and Paula have always been friendly and make sure that they have had great staff to provide only the best."
~ Rea Riggs

"I’ve purchased two pairs of prescription Oakleys from the optical shop here, one sunglasses and the other progressives. They had an excellent selection of both high-end and budget frames and Gary and Jenny were very helpful in choosing and fitting the frames. Both sets of glasses turned out great—amazingly clear and comfortable! Highly recommended!"
~ Martin Stadtmueller

"I could not be more pleased by the treatment I received from Dr. Rutar and her staff. She performed two cataract surgeries for me and each time she carefully explained all the options and risks along with the likely outcomes. I was completely confident in her approach, as well as in her staff, who are very pleasant and professional."
~ Lee Baldwin

"Was able to easily get exam completed for my daughter and find her glasses that she liked!!"
~ Thriving Man

"Had debris in my eyes. Didn't think I flushed it all out. They got me in within a couple hours of calling and checked my eyes out for me. Very Professional and friendly staff. Highly recommend them. Thank you Dr. Barrus :)"
~ Yancy Savage

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~ ECB Klamath